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Topic Summary's

9.10am - Non-Conforming Products and Security of Payments by Brett Bassett, QBCC

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett will discuss the new laws for non-conforming building products and the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Bill 2017. Find out more about how these new laws will impact the building sector, including plumbing and drainage, directly from your industry regulator.

9.40am - Licensing, Enforcement and Legislation by Esther Blest, QBCC

Come and learn more about how the QBCC regulates the building and construction industry including plumbing and drainage. Esther will explain the key areas of QBCC’s regulatory role – licensing, compliance and enforcement and industry quality. Hear about what you can expect when you deal with the QBCC in each of these respective areas. In addition, Esther will also share about what 7 priorities the QBCC is focusing on through its new Compliance and Enforcement Strategy.

10.00am Passive Fire – Getting it Right! Including Q & A by Chris Stevenson & Paul Murray from Hutchinson Builders 

Achieving compliant passive fire installations has become a major issue in the past decade as new systems are developed and released or made obsolete at an incredible rate – and perhaps training for selection and installation just hasn’t kept up – but is it as difficult as it seems and how can we get it right?

11.25am – Plumbing Products – How and Why by Ernie Kretschmer, MPAQ

Discussing the changes within the industry surrounding Watermark, Bathroom Pods and Point of Sale legislation and how the three relate to each other.

11.25am – Pushing It Up Hill by Nick Moore from Saniflo

Learn the specifics of Saniflo products from how they work, their uses and applications for both domestic and commercial applications. You will also get to see how a SaniCompact toilet operate and hear about how Saniflo is continuously developing new products including the Cubic XL and some of its features.

11.25am - How to Systemise & Automate your Plumbing Business by Jon Mailer from PROTRADE United

The business landscape is changing rapidly. With technology and innovation now a integral part of many successful businesses, is your business keeping up? During this results focused session, learn how you can streamline your business processes and in some cases eliminate/automate areas of the business to drive higher customer satisfaction, create more productive staff and a more profitable business.

12.00pm – Australian Gas Market - A Quick Update by Peter Dewhurst from Elgas

This presentation will cover current gas related issues impacting on Large to Small Natural Gas customers and what is likely to be the impact on their energy mix decision making in the future.

12.00pm – simPRO Software's Solutions Overview by Ash Parrott, simPRO Software

Ash will be giving an overview of simPRO Software and will demonstrate how some of their solutions can take care of your plumbing business. 

12.35pm – Legal Update – Navigating your Business through the Legal Quagmire by Ian Heathwood, McKays Solicitors

Ian Heathwood, is a senior Queensland lawyer who specialises in looking after contractors. Ian will explain how you can successfully deal with many of the legal challenges and risks facing contracting businesses today. He will provide some helpful tips on a number of issues including:

  • your business being defamed on the internet 
  • competitors trading off your brand
  • managing risks around non-conforming products
  • the new Qld law on non-conforming products
  • being attacked by the liquidators of failed builders
  • EBA's and the Code compliance issue and other IR challenges

Ian will also touch briefly on the significance of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Bill 2017.

12.35pm – Thermann Commercial Hot Water by Jacob Krusche from Reece

This session will focus on the Thermann brand and specifically the newly released Commercial Continuous Flow Units. This will include information on the units, the manifolding ability, suitable applications and technical information.

2.00pm - What is a multi-barrier system? And how do I keep my pants on? by Dr Richard Bentham from Hindmarsh Water Treatment

This presentation will cover Legionella and the principles of multi-barrier risk management systems, specifically when they’re applied to plumbing systems.

2.00pm - Mobile Payments to Streamline Your Business by Michael Davidson from Tappr

Tappr mobile payments will be presenting a short yet engaging presentation addressing the future of payments and your business. There are many tools available for you to run your business more efficiently and often they work together for you to achieve your business and administrative goals. Tappr will showcase their mobile payment solution while also sharing various other tools available to help you streamline your business. 

2.00pm - Security of Payment Changes – How to prepare and what you need to understand by Fionna Reid, Aitchison Reid Building & Construction Lawyers

Security for payment is like any great power tool:

  • It only works if you turn it on and use it; and
  • It works best if you know how to use it properly.

There has been so much talk about the new model of security for payment (the BIF Bill), but what does it actually mean for you in your business?

This talk aims to help you put in place processes in your business that will maximise the benefits that the new BIF Bill provides.

2.35pm – How to Navigate the Maze of Business Growth & Profitability by Jon Mailer from PROTRADE United

Is your business income growing, yet your profits stagnant? More jobs or larger projects are great for top line revenue, yet can often lead to little or no increase in bottom line net profit. Many businesses fall into the ‘black hole’ of growth – meaning more work, more hassles, but no extra reward. In this results packed session, identify WHY your business profits may be stagnant – whatever the size of your business may be- WHAT you can do to pull the business out of the ‘growth illusion’ trap and HOW you can transition this into consistently higher profit margins. 

2.35pm – Fit for Purpose Shower Drainage by Troy Creighton from Stormtech

This session will discuss plumbing code requirements for permitted shower outlet DN sizes and address the confusion of what dimensions to consider to choose the right fit for purpose DN size within the framework of the Australian Standard 3500 and WaterMark

2.35pm - Debt Recovery and Insolvency by Melissa Ban, Aitchison Reid Building & Construction Lawyers

There are many tools available to subcontractors to collect debts as well as steps to take when a builder goes into liquidation. However, very strict time frames apply and if you miss them, you may have missed your best opportunity of being paid. 

The key to effective debt recovery is having systems in place to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Melissa will step through the basics of debt recovery, to assist you in reviewing the systems you have in place in your business. 

3.10pm – Life, Football and other Battles by Shane Webcke

A story of a young boy from a humble farming family on Queensland’s Darling Downs who rose to prominence playing Rugby League for the Broncos, Queensland and Australia. Shane’s story is one of triumph over hardship, family tragedy and adversity, highlighting the age old notion : “You don’t fail until you give up trying”. 


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