What are the Basic Award Entitlements for a Permanent Employee?

The MPAQ Workplace Relations team is regularly asked by our members: “I am hiring a plumber; what are the basic Award entitlements for a permanent employee?”

Here is a brief overview of the basic minimum entitlements under the Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010.

Ordinary Hours of Work - 38 hours per week are to be worked Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00am (an earlier start of 6.00am by agreement) and 6.00pm. Any work outside of these hours incurs penalties.

Superannuation - 9.5% is paid on the weekly gross for ordinary hours of 38 hours per week (Superannuation is not paid on overtime)

Annual Leave Entitlements - An employee is entitled to 152 hours (20 days) annual leave per annum, including 17.5% annual leave loading and annual leave accrues at 2.923 hours per week

Personal/Carers’ and Compassionate Leave Entitlements – An employee is entitled to 76 hours (10 days) personal/carers’ leave per annum, which accrues at 1.4615 hours per week. Personal/Carers’ leave can be used by the employee when they are sick or injured (outside of work) or to care and support immediate family members who are sick or injured. An employer has the right to request a medical certificate for any time taken by the employee on personal/carers’ leave. You should set out the company policy and procedures for personal/carers’ leave prior to the employee taking time off. Compassionate leave entitlement is two days per occasion and is to be used to spend time with an immediate family member who has sustained a life-threatening illness or injury, or may be taken after the death of an immediate family member. These two days do not accrue and are paid as ordinary time as they are not deducted for any entitlements   

This is just a small overview of the basic minimum entitlements under the Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010. If you are looking for further information, including above Award payments, individual flexibility agreements, all up rates and more, please contact the MPAQ Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800.

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