Get Ahead in 2019, Before it's Even Begun, With Job Management Solutions

Job management technology is not foreign to the world of plumbing, nor the trade contracting industry that surrounds it. It has been in the Australian market for some years now, and as the 21st-century world continues to expand, it is fast becoming clear that this software is a leading solution when it comes to keeping ahead.

Whether it’s in a bid to be better than your competition, or stay on top of timely office work, job management software is the tool to use when you want to set a cracking pace in your business atmosphere.

From staff invoicing out in the field, all the way back to those updating inventory in the warehouse, job management software weaves its way throughout your shelves, files and systems to bring them together - fostering more functional and timely workflows for your organisation.

simPRO is a leading Australian solution in the field of job management software and one that has an extensive library of products, add-ons and features that are all designed to help you and your team get ahead of 2019, before it’s even begun, and hit the ground running.

The solutions on offer from simPRO present it’s user with the opportunity to boost productivity, and profits, in a variety of workplace areas and roles - from technician, to warehouse, to accounting, to administrative officer, to business owner!

Today however, this article is going to focus on how simPRO’s solutions can help you to get ahead in invoicing and payments within your business, and allow you to boost productivity and cash flow. It’s important to remember here though that this is not the only functionality that simPRO offers, in fact far from it! simPRO has a range of different tools and features for those in the plumbing sector.

The reason this article is going to focus on invoicing and payments is due to some recent data published by Xero Small Business Insights. The organisation tracked data that showed that in recent years, during any given month, almost half of Australian small businesses were cash flow negative - i.e. meaning that more money was going out the door than coming in. The most recent report of numbers from April this year echoed this, with it’s data that showed 52.02% of Aussie small businesses displayed positive cash-flows, while the number of those operating with negative cash flows remained suspended around the 50% mark.

Payment, it seems, is a big pain point when it comes to maintaining a positive cash flow in business - on a national level, payment times actually worsened in April, with small business invoices with 30-day terms waiting an average of 36.3 days to be paid, a number that has risen from 34.8 days in March.

simPRO’s invoicing and payment processing tools for staff in the office and out in the field, are comprehensive and aim to dial these workflows back to their most efficient and simple form. These features of simPRO’s solutions can help your plumbing business’ accounting staff and administrative team members stay on top of invoices and payment due dates, and empower your technicians in the field to take payments from a customer - thereby boosting productivity in the office and in the field, and hopefully making your cash flow more positive.

The invoicing capability of simPRO’s solutions promotes accuracy and efficiency and reduces outstanding debt. The first step is making sure you have an invoice that you can send out quickly, giving your customers as much time as possible to pay. In simPRO, you can uniquely brand invoice templates to reflect your company. With these set up, your technicians in the field can invoice using the simPRO Connect mobile app or your staff in the office can do the same by confirming the materials and labour they are invoicing, selecting the template and clicking send.

You can choose from a range of invoice types too, ensuring that you meet as many needs of your business, and it’s customers, as possible. You can create deposit invoices, consolidated invoices for a customer’s multiple jobs, progress claims, requests for claim and even retention claims!

If you’ve got a particular customer you know is often untimely with their payments, you can also view invoices by customer, or even generate a customer statement, so you can see all balances owing, including overdue invoices.

With simPRO you can send invoice reminders, or overdue letters, and even see the bigger picture with an aged receivables report.

This comprehensive approach to invoicing from service to payment keeps your team informed, up to date and ahead of the game when it comes to productivity and cashflow. Staying in front and on top of this kind of administrative and accounting work not only boosts productivity but also promotes healthy cash flow too, meaning you’re hitting the ground running in the new year.

Further optimisation of cash flow and productivity within your business can also be done using simPRO Payments - a feature of simPRO’s solutions that enables trade contractors and technicians to take customer payments in the field.

With this feature, your customers can pay you on site, online by following a link in an emailed invoice, through the Customer Portal, or over the phone, with all payment being processed electronically through simPRO Payments.

This, if you like, is a step above ‘ahead’, and gives your team either in the office or out in the field the option to boost productivity and cash flow even further! With simPRO Payments and the field app, your technicians can issue an itemised invoice and collect payment on their mobile device before leaving a job site. Invoices can also be quickly and easily paid online. With just one click, your customers are taken to a payment page where they can make payment with Visa or MasterCard. Taking payment over the phone is also as simple as entering your customers' credit card details into the simPRO system for immediate processing. Your customers can even view and pay outstanding invoices themselves within the simPRO Customer Portal!

Presenting your customers and staff with four options to take and process payment is great way to get ahead in 2019 because you’re making it as a fast and as easy as possible for your business to complete jobs fully, and move on to the next one, without an overwhelming concern for delayed payments or timely invoicing processes.

If you start 2019 with the right systems in place, you and your team can stay on top of common administrative workflows, like invoicing and payment follow-up, from the get go. Don’t let your staff get overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks and customers to follow-up on as the year begins. Instead, start with invoicing workflows that are fast to complete, and easy to maintain - allowing you to stay ahead in invoicing and payments for your business, and hopefully, keeping you Xero Small Business Insights’ 50% that maintains positive cash-flow.

There are many other ways that simPRO can help you and your team get ahead in 2019 by boosting both productivity and profits, so make sure you head to the simPRO website to learn how else we can better your plumbing business. Additionally, to get you started on a path to business success, simPRO also has a special offer now on: purchase simPRO Enterprise between 12th November and 14th December 2018 you could receive a $500 VISA Gift Card!Terms and conditions apply, see website for details. Make sure that you head to simPRO's website to learn more:

Article supplied by simPRO 26/11/2018.

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