New CSQ Funding Assistance for Backflow Revalidation

MPAQ recently announced that there is new Construction Skills Queensland funding available for eligible students who undertake Backflow Revalidation. 

Revalidation is a requirement under the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation which states:

“Successful completion, before the end of each 5 years after the licence was first endorsed, of a test approved by the QBCC commissioner for the relevant competencies.”

The course covers a review of the current relevant legislation relating to backflow procedures and practices, in addition to offering online learning. Specifically, it also covers the competency required to test, commission and maintain backflow prevention devices. Included is the preparation for the work, the identification of testing and commissioning requirements, the physical testing and commissioning of devices, the maintenance of devices and the completion of work finalisation processes.

This subsidy program is a Construction Skills Queensland initiative. Below is a list of the short course codes and titles and the maximum funding amount available to eligible participants:

Short Course Code and Title

Max. Amount Funded
per Participant

BSBSMB401 - Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business $360.00
CPCPCM4012A - Estimate and Cost Work $180.00
CPCPGS4011C - Design and Size Consumer Gas Installations $480.00
CPCPGS4022A - Service Type A Gas Appliances $750.00
CPCPWT4022A - Commission and Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices $150.00
CPCPWT4023A - Commission and Maintain Hot & Heated Water Temperature Control Devices $150.00
QLD334SWH01A - Course in Evaluating and Planning the Installation of Solar and Heat Pump Water Systems (Non-Accredited) $180.00
CMBPDRV001 - Revalidation Course Commission and Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices (Non-Accredited) $80.00

For further information, please contact the MPAQ Training Department on 07 3273 0800 or email

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