States give the green light for new standard in domestic wastewater treatment plants

After securing the latest certification standards for the first in a series of fully-accredited domestic wastewater treatment systems, Kingspan Water & Energy is now preparing to roll out the treatment plants across Australia.

Late last year Kingspan became the first domestic wastewater treatment plant manufacturer in Australia to receive product certification under the latest Australian Standard for its BioFicient Series 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant.

And now, the BioFicient Series 1 has received the necessary accreditations in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. 

Recognised globally and in Australia for its market- leading building materials, Kingspan Water & Energy manufactures insulated panels, insulation, rainwater storage tanks, diesel storage, access flooring and more. The company’s Wastewater Treatment division has been manufacturing packaged wastewater treatment systems for over 60 years and recently invested in the Australian business with the launch of the first in a series of fully-accredited domestic wastewater treatment systems, designed specifically for the Australia market.

All domestic wastewater treatment systems used in Australia must be fully tested and accredited. The latest Australian Standard - AS1546.3:2017 - supersedes the outgoing 2008 standard and requires all products used after December 2020 to hold the latest certification. Kingspan’s BioFicient Series 1 was sampled on a daily and weekly basis for 34 weeks in an accredited, independent testing facility. During this time, the system was subjected to several stress tests to simulate use in an actual residential property.

Gerry Quinn, Kingspan Water & Energy Sales Manager, said gaining the latest Australian Standard certification was a lengthy, rigorous process, but an important one for the business and the industry as a whole.

“The wastewater plant accreditation process in Australia is now one of the most stringent on the planet and is designed with the environment in mind, by ensuring the standard of effluent discharged is consistently high,” said Gerry.

“Kingspan Water & Energy is excited to be the first to market with the latest certification and we applaud the Government for investing in the industry and producing an innovative, forward-thinking, first-class certification process.”

Kingspan Water & Energy works with architects, engineers, builders and plumbers to ensure residential and domestic wastewater systems in Australia meet the industry standard. The company advises that home owners should ensure that any wastewater treatment system installed meets the latest Australian Standard to fully comply with local council requirements. 

For more information about the BioFicient Series 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant, click here.

Article supplied by Kingspan Water and Energy, 29/04/2019

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