Viega launches Geopress K for Australia’s civil engineering sector

Ground-breaking Tapping Valve ensures safe service connections right from the start

German brand Viega, a global market leader in press-fit technology, has launched its renowned Geopress K system into the Australian market. Considered the most reliable underground supply lines on earth, Geopress K is compatible with all standard PE gas and drinking water piping installations and has been specifically engineered for HDPE  SDR11 Pipe.

What makes Geopress K so significant to the hydraulic, plumbing, engineering and civil engineering sectors is its revolutionary Tapping Valve, which combines a tapping band and isolation valve within the one device.

“There's nothing else like it in the market,” says Glenn Lewindon, Civil & Utilities Account Manager at Viega.

“Live Tapping of the main supply line takes only a few minutes. And, due to the integrated miller for PE pipes, drilling can be carried out without having to use an external drilling machine – or disconnecting water from the main line.”

Quick and easy installation of underground supply lines

The green clamping ring of the Geopress K connector fulfils two functions at once. First, it acts as a grab ring to resist tensile forces and, second, to serve as an unmistakable marker that the connection is correctly and permanently pressed. This is because the green clamping ring only becomes visible on the outside of the pipe when the connection is completely and safely pressed.

“The clamping ring permanently connects pipe and connector – even digger shovels cannot destroy it,” says Glenn.

Viega’s Geopress K system is free of elastomers and its Glass Fiber-reinforced, high-strength polymer connectors feature internal sealing, which allows pipes with damaged surfaces to be permanently pressed without preparation. Supply lines, therefore, can be quickly and easily installed.

“These features make our connectors the perfect choice for harsh underground conditions,” says Glenn. “The system also means no hot works, generators or pipe preparation are required. It offers the reliability of permanent-press connection technology with internal sealing that’s robust and extremely economical. Put simply, it’s the most reliable underground supply line solution on earth.”

With various outlets for the Geopress K system, Viega’s Tapping Valve provides the highest flexibility for the job. The fittings are also made from high-strength polymer and are available for drinking water (9690TW) and gas (9690G). The material ensures enormous stability and superior durability – features that are of utmost importance for underground installations.

Special features and benefits of Viega’s Geopress K

  • Constructed from high-strength, load-bearing polymer specifically developed to be used underground
  • Enables quick installation and permanent connection regardless of weather conditions
  • Internal sealing connectors bypass the problem of deep scratches and grooves on the outside of pipes
  • Tapping Valves enable tapping of main supply line in minutes – even in live applications
  • Green pressing marker is easy to identify and provides proof of press with only one view
  • Each connector has a viewing window for checking the pipe insertion depth
  • Entire system is pressure loss optimised
  • Compatible with all standard PE piping materials including PE-80, PE-100, PE-RC and PE-X, with HDPE SDR 11 pipe and available in sizes 25mm to 63mm for water and 32mm to 63mm for gas
  • Appraised by WSAA

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