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MEDIA RELEASE - Industry Bodies and Unions Unite to Push for New Stimulus Packages for the Building and Construction Industry

As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, the following peak industry bodies and unions have joined forces to formally write to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk calling for the deliverance of new stimulus to ensure the protection of the building and construction industry in Queensland:

  • The Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA)
  • Master Electricians Australia (MEA)
  • Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ)
  • National Fire Industry Association (NFIA)
  • Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and
  • Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union (PPTEU)

The building and construction sector represents almost 10% of the Australian economy and employs 1.2 million Australians in over 390,000 businesses, of which an overwhelming majority are small businesses. In addition, the building and construction industry creates a strong supply chain and generates considerable economic activity.

The plumbing, electrical, fire protection, mechanical services and air-conditioning trades represent a major proportion of the industry, as well as over 75% of the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of a building once it has been built.

In the letter, the group have called on the Premier and the State Government to implement a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • A Global Financial Crisis (GFC) size stimulus package to protect and create Queensland jobs; and
  • The pull-forward of all scheduled and regular inspection, testing and maintenance of government buildings.

MPAQ Executive Director, Penny Cornah, stated that the service trades in Queensland stand ready to continue to work with the government.

“The members that our individual associations and unions represent want to protect and create as many Queensland building and construction industry jobs as possible.”

“Keeping the building and construction industry strong is the foundation on which Queensland’s economic recovery must be built,” Mrs Cornah said.

NFIA General Manager, Glen Chatterton, stated “the pipeline of upcoming work has dramatically decreased. Now is the time for Queensland to invest big in a capital works program to power the Queensland economy out of this crisis”.

“We are calling on the Queensland Government to work with us to lead Queensland’s economic recovery and pave the way for a stronger Queensland,” PPTEU Secretary, Gary O’Halloran, said.

The group stands united and committed to continuing to rebuild the Queensland economy. Read the full letter here.

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 The Associations and Unions

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association
Executive Director – Graham Mackrill
Ph: 07 3112 0201
Electrical Trades Union QLD and NT
Queensland State Secretary - Peter Ong
Ph: 07 3846 2477
Master Electricians Australia
Chief Executive Officer - Malcom Richards
Ph: 1300 889 198
Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland
Executive Director – Penny Cornah
Ph: 07 3273 0800
National Fire Industry Association
General Manager - Glen Chatterton
Ph: 07 3882 2273
Plumbing and Pipe Trades Union of Employees
Queensland State Secretary - Gary O’Halloran
Ph: 07 3844 8433


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