Expiration Of Chief Executive Approval For On-Site Treatment Plants


Photo: Ozzi Kleen RP10 - Click here for more information about this treatment plant.


As per the requirements of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018, Chief Executive Approval is required for installing an on-site sewage treatment plant.

The Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning, and Public Works has issued a reminder regarding the expiry of Chief Executive Approvals for on-site treatment plants. Local Governments are now required to verify, during the assessment of applications, that the on-site sewage treatment plant has a valid Chief Executive approval to be included in a permit after 1 January 2024.

On-site sewerage facilities treat domestic sewage in unsewered areas.

The facility can treat, store, and dispose of sewage generated on the premises. A facility may include either:

  • an on-site sewage treatment plant, which uses mechanical, biological, and filtration methods to treat waste before discharging through either above- or below-ground irrigation systems
  • a septic system, which uses biological methods to treat waste before discharging through a below-ground system dry-vault toilets that are chemical, composting, or incinerating toilets.

If the system does not hold approval, the system can't be installed in Queensland.

To check if the system holds approval, visit the department's website below.

Installing on-site sewerage facilities



Ernie Kretschmer
Ernie Kretschmer Technical Services Manager

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