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Membership with MPAQ provides you with access to products and services designed specifically to help you enhance your business. Whether you are an apprentice, an employee, a plumber, a partner, or a business owner, MPAQ is here to help you. These benefits are available based on the category of membership.


How can membership support you?
Business Support
  • Industry experts for technical, industrial relations, and safety advice
  • Industry representation through advocacy and lobbying at a state and national level
  • Listing on find-a-plumber
  • Partnerships and offers with organisations that supply or operate within the plumbing industry
  • Manage your work health and safety obligations with MPAQ Safety
Publications and Documents
  • Access to online industry standards included in membership
  • Plumbing specific contracts for plumbing/drainage work and employment contracts
  • Electronic plumbing form templates
  • Up-to-date, industry specific news including the Master Plumber Magazine and fortnightly MPAQ Update enewsletter.
Networking and Professional Development
  • Invitations and discounted tickets to events, forums, and divisional meetings
  • Discounts on training and professional development


Membership Categories

  • Contracting Members

    Contracting members receive exclusive benefits (including discounts and deals) with fleet, HR/legal, communications, lifestyle and business support service providers. They also have access to professional technical and HR advice, and opportunities for professional development through training courses and industry events.

    This membership is applicable for those who legally own or run a plumbing and/or gas fitting business as either a sole trader or employer of plumbers, drainers and/or gasfitters. This category is further broken down into groups based on the number of employees in the business.

    Companies would usually hold a current QBCC contractor’s licence which is verified upon your membership application. If you do not currently have a contractor’s licence, you may still be eligible for membership; however, restrictions will apply.

    Categories include:

    • Sole Operator
    • Contractor Plus 1 Operative
    • Contractor 3 to 5 Operatives
    • Contractor 6 to 10 Operatives
    • Contractor 11 to 25 Operatives
    • Contractor 26 Plus Operatives
    • Major Contractors*

    NOTE: An operative is someone that works full-time on the tools, be it a tradeperson or apprentice - including the owner/principal person. An operative does not include Admin staff and School Based Apprentices.

    *Companies need to be under an EBA to qualify for this membership category

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate partners have the opportunity to connect with contracting business owners across the state. They are promoted through the Association and can communicate to plumbers and gasfitters directly through face to face events and electronic platforms.

    This category is for companies that are actively involved in supporting the plumbing and gas industry.

    Corporate Partner memberships include:

    • Corporate Supporter - Companies supplying, manufacturing or providing services to the plumbing industry
    • Industry Associate - Associations, government departments and educational facilities involved in the plumbing industry
    • Associate Council - City, local or regional councils in Queensland
  • Individual Memberships

    Employees, apprentices, retired plumbers, gasfitters, and other general industry individuals can access information and support from the Association to keep them up to date with industry developments and/or opportunities to expand further in their career.

    This category is for individuals that are invested in the industry and wish to stay up to date with industry information.

    Individual memberships include:

    • Associate Individual - Industry trainers or teachers, council workers, hydraulic consultants, and other industry representatives
    • Employee - Plumbers, drainers and/or gasfitters working as an employee in a business
    • Associate Retired - Retired plumbers and/or gasfitters*
    • Apprentice - Individuals who are completing a plumbing apprenticeship (FREE membership)

    *Retired members who reach 50+ years of membership with MPAQ are entitled to a free retired membership.

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