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Master Plumbers'​ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) represents and supports businesses of all shapes and sizes in the south east and in regional areas. MPAQ prides itself on understanding the differing needs of businesses based on both their size and their location.

Our Meet our Member series lets you check out the great work being done by some of our members and why they think being a member of MPAQ is so important.

Family Businesses

The plumbing industry has a very large contingent of businesses that are run by families. On National Family Business Day 2019, MPAQ's Meet our Members series introduces you to just two of these amazing families, the Pasfields and the Walkers!

Thanks to our two feature companies - Pasfield Plumbing and Roy Walker Plumbing.

Medium Sized Businesses

The medium sized businesses that have grown past a small business size but haven't quite reached major contractor status can often require the most support of all as they deal with fluctuations in staff levels and the amount of work they need to take on to stay viable. MPAQ's Meet our Members series introduces you to just two of these amazing companies based in Cairns!

Thanks to our two feature companies - Plumbnorth and Raymond Plumbing.

Major Contractors

The MPAQ Major Contractors are the major players in the plumbing and gas industry and are recognised as trusted, long-established and reputable industry leaders. These companies form our Major Contractors Group and come together multiple times a year to discuss issues directly affecting companies of this size.

Click here to find out more about the Major Contractors

MPAQ Platinum Corporate Supporters

Tradelink - Platinum Corporate Supporter
RWC - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Reece - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Rheem - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Austbrokers Comsure - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Kembla  - Platinum Corporate Supporter
WFI - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Toyota - Platinum Corporate Supporter
ZIP - Platinum Corporate Supporter
CAROMA - Platinum Corporate Supporter
TSTCA - Platinum Corporate Supporter
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