MPAQ Council Presented at the AGM

On 28 November, MPAQ held the 123rd Annual General Meeting and Stalwarts event at the Plumbing Industry House. The 2023 MPAQ Council, Meritorious Service Awardees, Milestone Members, and President's Awardee were presented on the day.

International Men's Day: Support Your Mates

Mental health issues are work health and safety issues. A worker who may be in mental and emotional distress may find it difficult to do their work properly, which can then lead to risks and hazards in the workplace. This is why MATES in Construction has always been an advocate of mental health training as essential WHS training in the workplace.

Recover What You Are Owed Before Christmas

End 2023 without bad debts hanging over your business with the help of Rostron Carlyle Lawyers.

QBCC’s Annual Reporting Reminder – Lodge Online And Do It Now

If you are a QBCC licensee with trade contractor or builder class licence category 1-7, you are required to satisfy the minimum financial requirements for your licence. This includes providing financial information annually to the QBCC.

Educate Your Staff On Mental Health With A MATES General Awareness Training

MATES in Construction can help. They conduct MATES General Awareness Training (GAT), a 45-minute training for workers on site to talk about mental health and provide practical guidance on how you can help when your colleague needs it.

New Opportunities For Women In Construction

Recognising the importance of diversity and the wealth of talent that can be found among women in the construction industry, QBCC is organising a Breakfast Recruitment Expo.

Navigating Unsettled Debts: A Guide For Builders And Contractors

What happens when a letter of demand does not work? What are your options?

Support Programs And Updates For Businesses From the QSBC Small Business Industry Roundtable

Queensland Small Business Commissioner (QSBC) Dominique Lamb held a Small Business Industry Roundtable recently, which was attended by MPAQ, to discuss some key growth locations in Queensland, insights that may impact businesses, and advocacy and assistance work surrounding insurance, childcare, industrial relations reforms, taxation, digital and financial literacy, fuel, and freight.

The Award-Winning Women At The 2023 Plumbing And Gas Industry Awards

The future of the industry is a future with everyone – no matter their gender, race, or age. This year, three women took the stage at the 2023 Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards to represent all the amazing women of the industry working on and off the tools.

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