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Life Members and Meritorious Service Members

Life Members Member Since
B Kimlin 12/11/1979
BD Wallace 31/07/1940
B McGrath OAM 19/08/1953
MJ Moor 19/10/1953
GC Richardson 30/03/1955
F Huysing 6/11/1962
T Morris 20/07/1965
NF Sharman 17/10/1967
J Porter 12/05/1976
WB Watson 17/06/1977
G Cottee 8/07/1980


Meritorious Service Members Member Since
B Wallace 31/07/1940
B McGrath OAM 19/08/1953
T Morris 20/07/1965
A Chapman 12/06/1973
GD Powell 9/04/1974
R Weaver 18/08/1982
M Wilshere 13/09/1983


The Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland (MPAQ)
is the peak industry body representing plumbing
contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators
to medium sized plumbing businesses and large
contracting firms.
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