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About Us

MPAQ Code of Conduct

MPAQ’s Vision

The peak industry body providing high quality services and support, delivering growth and prosperity to members.

MPAQ’s Purpose

To drive professionalism in the plumbing and gas industry to our members’ advantage.

MPAQ’s Core Values

Team work

Purpose of the Code of Conduct

The Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland has approved of this Code of Ethics as the primary vehicle for promoting the highest standards of business conduct amongst its members. It is issued so that all members of the Association may partner together to improve the trade and the development of those personal and business attributes which are the foundation of all good business relations.


As a Member of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland, I am committed to:

  • Upholding the objectives of MPAQ and abiding by the by-laws.  The health and well-being of the community as it is affected by all branches of the plumbing trade is of prime importance and shall be protected to the best of the member's ability. 
  • Observing the highest standards of honesty in all transactions, and shall in advertising avoid all use of false titles, ambiguous statements and misleading claims.
  • Creating partner-based co-operation with fellow members and collectively assisting other members whenever possible.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of any information entrusted to members.
  • Continuing to engage in ongoing learning to improve my technical and managerial competency and striving to update and extend my knowledge and skills in the trade.
  • Engaging only in safe and environmentally responsible practices and to actively pursue new ideas in technology and innovation.
  • Providing a level of service to the consumer that embodies the qualities of honesty, integrity and responsibility, and is in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings.
  • Providing a workplace that is safe and that also embodies the qualities of honesty, integrity and responsibility.
The Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland (MPAQ)
is the peak industry body representing plumbing
contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators
to medium sized plumbing businesses and large
contracting firms.
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