Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand Supports Call For Renewable Gas Target For Australia



Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand (MPANZ) proudly support Jemena's call to establish a renewable gas target in Australia.

This endorsement comes as Jemena's Managing Director, David Gillespie, urges the federal government to drive commercial investment in the renewable gas sector by implementing an aspirational goal.

In his address at an environmental, social, and governance summit in Melbourne, Mr Gillespie emphasised the success of the renewable energy target in sparking investment and market growth in the renewable electricity sector. He highlighted the need for a similar target for renewable gas, as it would provide a solid commercial signal for the importance of a low-carbon combustible fuel industry in the country.

By setting a renewable gas target, Australia would create a level of investment certainty for gas and biomethane, which can serve as a bridge to hydrogen. Mr. Gillespie pointed to the examples of Europe, particularly Denmark and Germany, where investment in biomethane has powered their gas systems.

Chair of the MPANZ Save the Flame Sub Committee, Mr Nathaniel Smith, said, "Renewable electricity is crucial for decarbonisation but requires complementary support to ensure reliability. Gas power generation is an economical and reliable alternative when wind and solar energy is unavailable. It is critical in providing a stable energy supply for households and industries.”

Mr Smith also said, “MPANZ recognises the significance of renewable gas in advancing Australia's sustainability goals and supports our vision for a renewable gas target. The association believes that with such a target, the country can accelerate the adoption and utilisation of renewable gas technology, leveraging existing scientific advancements worldwide.”

MPANZ encourages public debate and information sharing on the topic to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and opportunities associated with renewable gas. The association is committed to working closely with, industry peers, and the government to promote the importance of a low-carbon combustible fuel industry in Australia.

Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand is the united voice of Australian state and territory Master Plumbers’ associations together with New Zealand. Collectively MPANZ represents more than 30,000 plumbing businesses which install, service and maintain domestic and commercial gas, water reticulation and irrigation systems, heating and cooling, mechanical services and air conditioning systems, sanitary disposal, drainage, metal roofing, and a range of other plumbing services.

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