Recover What You Are Owed Before Christmas

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As the year comes to a close and the economy continues to tighten with another interest rate hike, Rostron Carlyle Lawyers have decided to make an offer for MPAQ members.
Getting paid what you're owed before Christmas is vital because the economy won’t kick start properly until late January to early February when courts are reopened and everyone comes back from the holiday season. These delays lower the chances of recovery as the older a debt becomes, the more difficult it inevitably becomes to recover.  
To assist MPAQ members in getting their overdue accounts under control before Santa arrives, RCR is offering their heavily discounted fixed fee prices that’s usually reserve for high volume clients only.
No matter the size of the debt, it all starts with a letter of demand from a lawyer – and in their experience, this is often enough to prompt the slow payers into getting in touch with your office and is affordable for even smaller sized debts. Should this step fail, you can discuss the next steps if they don’t comply to ensure it is viable to chase the claim legally.
End 2023 without bad debts hanging over your business with the help of Rostron Carlyle Lawyers. Book your exclusive session below.


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