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A 100% Australian owned and operated family company, our origins can be traced back to Brisbane in the 1950s with the foundation of Tilley’s Plumbing Service by Robert Tilley in 1958.  

In 1988, in response to customer demand for increasingly complex and technical water treatment solutions, Ross Tilley narrowed the business’s focus to operate exclusively in this specialised area. With specialisation came a name change to “Aquacure Water Treatment.”  

2018 was a milestone year, marking 30 years of operation as ‘Aquacure’ and 55 years membership with the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland.

What we do 

Aquacure designs, builds, supplies, installs and services water treatment components and complete water treatment systems. 

We work daily with a wide range of water treatment processes including Filtration, Softening, Iron Removal, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF), Demineralisers and Deionisation (DI), Ultraviolet Sterilisers (UV), Pumping, Chemical Dosing including Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide dosing, Water Quality Monitoring and more. We specialise in custom designing and building complete water treatment systems; tailormade solutions to suit specific applications. Our solutions are always designed with our key values in mind: quality outcomes for long-term performance, reliability, efficiency and lifecycle cost effectiveness, backed-up by exceptional service. Our portfolio of successfully completed projects covers the whole spectrum of water uses ranging from high purity ‘pretreatment’ solutions through to ‘post-use’ and water recycling applications. 

Who we serve

Aquacure’s existing client base includes a variety of commercial and industrial users with a range of applications, often with high-purity water needs. We have a long history of strong on-going relationships, partnering with and diligently serving customers with exacting requirements, including hospitals, food & beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories and many other specialised water users. 

Areas of operation include:

  • Medical applications, hospitals & other medical facilities: Microbiological control including biofilm and legionella eradication, whole-hospital continuous water disinfection and water quality monitoring systems; Chemical dosing and control including chlorine and chlorine dioxide plants; Heat (thermal) disinfection; High purity water for haemodialysis, endoscopy, sterilising equipment and CSSD; Water Softener Plants (local including boiler pre-treatment and also whole building use); Pumping and pressure systems.
  • Other “High Purity” applications; including: Ultra-high purity water for various critical uses, testing laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Food and Beverage: Filtration, disinfection and other water treatment processes for food and beverage manufacturers i.e. improvement of water for use in preparation of food & beverage products as well as water to be used in the actual products e.g. juices, bottled water, syrups etc.
  • Rainwater remediation, water recycling & reuse: Pumping, filtration, UV, chemical dosing and pH control; treatment of alternative water sources to “Class A+” standards
  • Bore water remediation & use: Pumping, filtration, UV, chemical dosing and pH control, TDS reduction (Reverse Osmosis), softening, iron & manganese removal and more.
  • Boiler pre-treatment: Water softening, Reverse Osmosis, chemical dosing and pH control for boiler feed water.

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