Employment Contract - Clerical (Full Time)

Employment Contract - Clerical (Full Time)
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The Employment Contract for Clerical (Full Time) comes in a digital format that will be emailed to the person purchasing this contract. This contract has been created in conjunction with Cornwalls Law and is valid from April 2019. These contracts are reviewed annually and updated as required. If updates are required, the contract will need to be purchased again. MPAQ and Cornwalls recommend purchasing the newest version to ensure you have the most up to date terms and conditions.

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NOTE: Casual to full-time conversion

The Award permits casual employees who do have regular engagement hours. Even if these casual employees are not casual employees for the Fair Work Act 2009, they can be casual employees within the meaning of the Award.

If a casual employee is a regular casual employee (their engagement is on a regular basis for hours and days) then, the employee can elect to be converted to a full-time permanent employee after six months (for those under the Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award) or twelve months (for those under the Clerks (Private Sector) Award) of employment. Given this, employers should carefully consider whether casual employment is the suitable employment basis.


Whilst all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and currency of this template contract as at April 2019, MPAQ and Cornwalls Law, the law firm which produced it, do not warrant that the document will be suitable for your particular purposes. You should seek legal advice as to the suitability of this document for your particular circumstances. To check its suitability or for any adaptions required to suit your purposes, contact Cornwalls on 3223 5942. If you do not do so, neither MPAQ or Cornwalls accepts any liability arising from your use of the template.

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