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Changes to the Plumbing Training Package

As of 26 November 2021, the new CPC Construction, Plumbing and Services training package will take effect and will supersede the previous versions.

The most notable changes that will affect the existing industry are regarding post-trade training courses like Backflow Prevention and Thermostatic Mixing Valves training courses.  These courses will now require pre-requisites to be met prior to undertaking the Certificate IV units to gain the endorsements on the plumbing license.  This may not affect everyone who has completed a Certificate III in Plumbing previously, but older qualifications may be affected and require the undertaking of the prerequisites prior to the training required for the endorsements. 

The following units will have pre-requisites from 26 November 2021:

Unit of Competency


CPCPWT4022 - Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements

CPCPWT3027 Install backflow prevention devices
CPCPWT4023 - Commission and maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements

CPCPWT3022 Install and commission water heating systems and adjust controls and devices
CPCPGS4022 - Service Type A gas appliances CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements

CPCPGS3053 Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliances
CPCPGS4011 - Design and size consumer gas installations Nil
CPCPCM4012 - Estimate and cost work Nil
CPCPCM4011 - Carry out work-based risk control processes Nil

The MPAQ Training Services Team are currently working on ways in which the enrolment process for these changes will be as smooth and pain-free as possible. Alternate pathways may be available to some students requiring the prerequisites. 


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